It is really best to prune or trim your tree during dormant season. Even though you can basically trim a pine tree anytime however, it’s still better to do it when it is dormant. As a matter of fact, the only exception is if there is any potential danger that exists. To know more about it, make sure that you contact a professional Concrete driveway cost provider. 

Be aware about the branch size which you are going to get rid of. If it’s less than 5 centimeters diameter, getting rid of it is good however, if it is more or less 5 to 10 centimeters diameter, you may not want to do this. And if it is greater than 10 centimeters diameter, you should push the removal of the branch if you do really have a very good reason. 

In addition to that, you may trim only those branches which have V-shaped, weak and narrow angles. Leave those branches of the tree that have any U-shaped angles and strong. 

When tree pruning is completely done, the ratio of the living crown to the height of the tree should be 2 is to 3. 

Try doing the pruning of branches when they are still young. They are easier to manage as well as the risk of marking nasty scars is lower. 

Do not trim branches that are too long and too close. You should also not leave a big stab or get rid of a branch collar. 

Tips for Tree Pruning 

The following techniques and tips will help guide you when you are planning on pruning your tree or when you just like to gain knowledge about typical trimming care of a tree and techniques on how to maintain them.  

  1. Crown Thinning – When you need to thin your tree crown, you must keep the following techniques and tips in mind: 
  • Prune away unruly branches. 
  • For young trees, keep the lateral branches as equally spaced as possible. 
  •  Do not ever remove greater than ¼ of a living tree crown at the same time. If you need to get rid of it more than that, you have to spread it out over several years. 
  1. Crown Raising– In order to provide clearance for the pedestrians and for some other reasons, you may raise the tree crown by doing tree pruning carefully. Maintain healthy branches on 2/3 of the height of the tree. If you remove more than enough branches, the tree might not develop a strong and tough stem.  
  2. Crown Reduction– Just remove the entire branch if you have to remove at least more than one half of the foliage on a branch. Reduce the crown of the tree if it is really needed. Prune those lateral branches which are at least 1/3 of the diameter of a stem which needs to be removed. 

 Techniques for Tree Trimming 

  1. Before doing a cut, find first the collar of the branch that grows from the tissue of the stem at the base of the branch. 
  2. Cut always the exterior of the branch bark ridge as well as angle your cut away and down from the stem.