You can’t just plan an event in your head and call it a day. You need to carefully make preparations for it in order to make it successful. A single mistake can mean big consequences. You need to have a plan and an agenda. Mistakes may not always be prevented, but their consequences can be lessened. Here are important things you need to remember when planning an event.

Events Planner

1. Your intention

Of course, before anything else, you should know your goals and objectives on why you are holding the event. When it comes to having an event, people can get excited about its idea. But when faced with questions of the goals, intent, and visions, not all can provide the answer. An even is more than a gathering with a program, time, and location. Make clear the reason for having an event and the rest will follow.

2. The participants

Knowing your intention for having an event will give you the idea of who to invite. Is it designed for private sectors only like business associates? Is it for the public’s knowledge and awareness? If the event is for the general audience, you can also go for newspaper ads, news advisories, posters, and other things on print. You can go the traditional route like a physical invitation. Invitation cards and letters are considered formal but who can stop you if you prefer those?

3. General operations

You think there are only two handfuls of things you need to consider when planning an event? Think again. Things like the venue and if they will provide the amenities or equipment or you still have to arrange for them as well. Catering is important because people need to be fed well and not to find it outside or somewhere else. Does the venue have its own catering or you still have to look for catering services? Who will set the stage, lighting, and decorations? Will entertainment be needed? If so what type?

4. Holding the participants’ attention

To help support your intention in holding the event, engage the participants by having a prominent speaker. This can be anyone who holds a position in show business, politics, government, non-profit organizations, business, etc. Give entertainment performances or arrange some games for children if it’s a children-filled event.

5. Hand out giveaways

It’s always a wise idea to hand out giveaways to participants of the event. It is a good way of thanking them for supporting you and your cause. If you are a business company who offers products, you can give some to the participants as a giveaway. If you are not, you can source some from other companies, or you can solicit sponsors. It will save you from spending more than you already have. But always keep in mind that what you give away will reflect you and your company or brand. So choose those that represent you, your company, and the people you work with. Your values, morals, and principles should be what people will remember other than your successful event.

Sounds like a lot? If you are not ready to arrange an event, hire someone who can. Events Planners are always available to help you.