Recently, we have actually seen some great developments in the drone industry. Having said that, the future of flying drones around is now coming closer to us. In addition to that, drones have already been widely used in different industries for many years. Therefore, let us look at some of the most important things that drones can be able to do and what they can bring us in the near future. 

Drone Uses

Deliver Items Bought Online  

As a matter of fact, Amazon has announced their latest service that is called the Amazon Prime air recently. Amazon can deliver your order straight to your door at the same day that you make or made the shopping. The great news is that all of this would be made with the help of the flying drones. 

Deliver Food Orders 

Actually, drones can only deliver small orders like books as well as other small online orders that you made but it can also fly your lunch or snacks straight to your doorstep. In fact, a restaurant has just tested delivering small amounts of food through a remote-controlled flying drone that can carry and deliver them in just 10 minutes within just a four-mile radius – pretty impressive. 

Fly in Swarms 

Just in case you will have to order a large amount of food for a group of people, you will need multiple drones to deliver the food to you. Fortunately, a drone manufacturing company has just created a technology that allows drones to operate together in different formations. Actually, they have tried it recently with more than 20 drones flying outdoors and that means that you’ll be able to order a large amount of wood and they can let them fly the food straight to your doorstep. 

Film Amazing Ariel Videos 

So far, the most commonly used functionality of drones is filming. Actually, a lot of production service providers use high quality cameras attached to their flying drones in order to film amazing aerial shots. In order to film a more dramatic scene with a drone, it needs at least two individuals to operate, they are the camera operator and the pilot. The pilot will be the one to fly the drone in a specific direction and the framing while having full control of the camera. 

Save Lives  

Actually, drones can also help a lot in tragic events. For example, one recent tragic event was the Typhoon Haiyan that devastated some parts of the Philippines and killed more than 5,000 people. Luckily, relief teams have been sent over to the areas damaged by the typhoon in order to rescue the survivors. Equipped with small cameras, drones helped the rescue teams in assessing the situation of their targeted area, which saves them a lot of time. 

They Can Help the Police 

Just recently, one story has been spread talking about how drones can have the police through flying around the entire day looking for criminals. This is due to the fact that flying drones can be equipped with small cameras that would easily stream the video straight to the computers of the police officers and that will run the video with the help of a facial recognition software. While this hasn’t been proven real, who knows maybe one day we’ll be able to see the drones flying around and looking for criminals many years from now due to many Drone Competitions, South Africa.